What is Contact Forms Marketing?

Sorting databases by relevance

Is your business targeted to specific audience? We will collect relevant database, corresponding to your geolocation and type of activity. Mailing to geo-targeted and thematic sites significantly increases the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. If you sell pet food in the United States, mailing to European auto-themed sites will not give a tangible response, and your emails will be perceived as spam.

Parsing phones and emails bases

Many sites do not use feedback forms, but publish their email addresses in the contact-us section. We offer the service of parsing email addresses, phone numbers and any other information from various sites and search engines. If niche of your business is small and you have to reach the maximum number of potential customers, then it makes sense to order parsing and direct mailing to companies’ email addresses.

Personal data LinkedIn users

We would like to present to your attention unique contacts database of directors and site owners, registered in the social networks LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The database is sorted by country and city, contains names, phone numbers, email addresses and links to a profile on social networks.

Price table

1 $ / 1000 forms
Vol: 100,000?
1-2 days
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0.5 $ / 1000 forms
Vol: 500,000?
2-5 days
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0.4 $ / 1000 forms
Vol: 1,000,000?
3-7 days
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Base parsing
from 50$
Parsing any bases
Phones / Emails?
2-3 days
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What do I get after my order?

The price included preparation of sites database that meet your criteria with further mailing by that base.

Do you have ready-made bases?

Our databases are sorted by sites geolocation (US, UK, CA, AU, EU and all other countries), by US states, by major cities and popular niches.

How to write a sales letter?

We recommend to use short, concise messages of no more than 1000 characters. The text should contain a concise description of the benefits of your product. Client should be interested in your offer.

Is it legal?

This is an absolutely legal type of business. We send letters to public email addresses specially created for receiving correspondence from Internet users. We serve ads to relevant sites, so your information may be useful to recipients. We also recommend using your email address for feedback. Show your website after business correspondence to interested clients.

How to pay for an order?

We accept Paypal and any cryptocurrency. 10% discount! for payments by bitcoin!

I need emails and phone numbers base

We will help to parse any information from any sites. Tell us your task and we will find the best solution!

What can I advertise via contact forms?

This marketing channel is primarily intended to promote b2b products and services, for example:

  • Finding affiliate sites to advertise your business
  • Selling products or services
  • Search for suppliers of necessary goods or services
  • Entering to the markets of other countries
  • Collecting feedback from necessary business segment
  • Search for new business partners

We have large bases and we can find a solution for any business!

Do you provide a report after work?

We send a software log with successfully completed contact forms after work is finished. We also give access to the technical mailing address, for automatic responses from contact forms.

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